Free FIFA Season With Interesting News And Campaigns

Free FIFA Mobile (with micro payments) has come a new season, which introduces a few interesting changes and new features.

To start with, Campaign is a completely new one-player game in which we will receive new players and different prizes. Developers indicate that there will be many different campaigns to choose from, each with attractive rewards.

Another novelty of the fourth season is Training. This will be available for all players: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite or Master. In the new season come back Live events - team of the week, domination, scouting, club heroes or daily warm-up. Game developers emphasize that events will now occur in the campaign format.

Skill Boosts are replacing the previous FIFA Mobile Game Changer cards. Not only can you build your dream team by training the players you choose, but also by improving skills (OVR) and attributes of the players. As with any training, each bonus can be further enhanced.

Developers point out that players' levels will change the way they think about building and training teams. Once you reach 100 OVR, you will be able to upgrade your players. By gaining further levels of players with maximum OVR rating you can further strengthen your team. Since you will now only have 11 players in the squad, it will be especially important.

It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for the new FIFA season. However, you can buy FIFA Mobile coins cheap on U4GM if you don't have enough time to make money.


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